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work of artI realized something recently in conversation with a friend. It became obvious to me that so many of us do not see ourselves in the image of God. We often devalue ourselves and remember only our faults and failures. I sometimes wonder how much this hurts our Creator. I mean, after all, we are not only His creation, but His masterpieces. Ephesians 2:10 tells us we are God’s workmanship. The dictionary tells me that workmanship means handicraft or design. I picture Him as a painter who has spent hours upon hours working His canvas. He put together the perfect color combination and brush strokes to create a unique personality, and He finally came up with the perfect piece of art; me. As artists, wouldn’t you be happy to see something you’ve worked on so long turn out so beautifully?

When we say we aren’t beautiful, we aren’t strong enough, or we can’t accept who we are because no one else seems to, it’s like saying He’s a bad artist. Believing these things about ourselves inevitably says we don’t think He made us correctly. When we compare ourselves to someone else it’s like saying our Creator shouldn’t have painted us, maybe He should have used charcoal instead because paint was obviously the wrong choice. Do you ever hear a painting saying “no, you did that wrong, I need some green over here”? If the Creator created, then He had a specific idea in mind; an idea of you and me exactly as we are. He did what he did on purpose.

Of course, when we start learning how to accept ourselves, maybe we bump a corner and scratch off some of our paint. It’s only natural to have ups and downs while learning who we are. Flaws bring character to our lives and if the flaw needs to be fixed we can be sure that we have someone who can fix it correctly. After all, we have to know we can’t fix everything on our own if we aren’t the ones who created ourselves in the first place!

Is this making sense? Of course we mess up and flaw ourselves and sometimes others flaw us, but as long as we run to our Creator, our Master, we can become new and whole again. We need to stop comparing and devaluing ourselves. You and I have been created this way for a reason. It’s time for us to accept ourselves whether or not others seem to accept us. As long as we are running to Him and wanting His will for our lives, things will fall into place. But remember, you are worth so much more than others may know or make you feel. It’s up to us to learn our worth and see it through the eyes of the One who made us. This is a simple comparison, I admit, but it’s the way God has chosen to reach me time and time again. He knows how much art speaks to me. I hope this can speak to you as well.

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  1. What a great way of re-stating what God said to Isaiah in Isaiah 29:16 … Does a jar ever say, “The potter who made me is stupid”? and again in 64:8 And yet, Lord, your are our father. We are the clay and you are the potter.

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