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Material which is not directly on this site (in other words, which is referred to and/or linked to off-site) may or may not fully or accurately represent the views of LesBePure.com or Kori Ashton. It is our intent to provide products and materials to encourage our viewers. Material is provided for information purposes only. It is the reader’s responsibility to determine the suitability and applicability of the views and ideas presented here to his or her own situation. Any action taken by the viewers will remain their responsibility and they solely are liable.

With the exception of material which explicitly lists another copyright owner or a joint copyright between LesBePure and another organization or individual, this site and all material on it is copyrighted by LesBePure. All rights reserved.

Some articles in their copyright notice grant “Generic Permissions”. Please refer to the following list for details about these permissions. These permissions apply ONLY if articles explicitly grant them in their copyright notice.


Generic Permission #1: We grant you permission to distribute paper copies of this article provided that (1) it is duplicated in its entirety without changes, additions or subtractions, (2) your copies clearly indicate that the source of the material is LesBePure.com, (3) the materials are distributed free of charge or at a charge which does not exceed the actual and reasonable cost of photocopying or printing the copies and (4) that the duplication and distribution of our materials is not for political, commercial and/or advertising purposes.

Generic Permission #2: We grant you permission to reprint this article in newsletters and other publications provided that (1) such publications are distributed for free and are not supported by advertising revenues, (2) you reprint this article in its entirety without changes, additions or subtractions, (3) the reprinting of our material is not for political, commercial and/or advertising purposes, and (4) you include the following notice at the end with the correct copyright date (as appearing on the article) inserted:

Copyright © (2008 -2012) LesBePure.com. All rights reserved. Reprinted by generic permission. No endorsement is implied of the organization which is reprinting this material. www.lesbepure.com/privacy-statement

We request that you send a copy of the item in which you have reprinted our material to info@lesbepure.com.

If you wish to reproduce LesBePure.com copyrighted material in newsletters or other publications which are supported by advertising revenues and/or for which there is a cost or a subscription, you MUST submit your request in writing, along with a sample copy of the publication (as applicable) to LesBePure.com (address below) and AWAIT written permission before proceeding further.

Notwithstanding the above generic permissions, PERMISSION IS DENIED to reproduce our materials, in part or in whole, for political, commercial and/or advertising purposes.

We also expressly DENY you permission to distribute LesBePure.com copyrighted materials in any electronic format, including but not limited to website files. You are of course welcome to provide hyper links to our materials on our site.

Material which has a joint copyright between LesBePure.com and another individual or organization: You must make your request in writing to LesBePure.com or the other individual or organization, and await written permission before proceeding further.

Material which is copyrighted by other persons or organizations: Contact that person or organization directly.

The people in the pictures on LesBePure.com are not necessarily GLBT. They are models for advertising purposes only. The pictures should not be reproduced for any reason.

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