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I gave my life to Christ many years back. But …


Answered by: LBP Board Member Joni

The Bible teaches us so much about love. It is my opinion that everything we do and say, who we are, who He is, His purpose for our lives, all of it is rooted in love. Love changes things… love is amazing and unfathomable at times as to its depth. So hard to comprehend fully the love of Jesus for us. Do I think that it is wrong to long for a same sex partner? To love someone else completely and wholly, no I do not. Never once did Jesus say it was wrong to love.

I can relate to what you have shared about having a relationship with Christ and still feeling empty inside because you are gay. Gosh has that been my journey as well at many times. I think about James 4:8 “draw near to God and He will draw near to you….” I take this as a promise and I have to tell myself often that God is near whether I feel Him tangibly or not, my faith rises up and I begin to speak truth over myself. When I don’t feel Him near, I know that He is close because He promised to never leave me, to never forsake me. He loves me with an unmeasurable, love that blows my thoughts when I even just begin to think on it. There is nothing we can do to cause Him to love us more or to cause Him to love us any less…. the truth of that is life changing.

What I found on my journey is that the emptiness and ache for Him that I felt, the wall that seemed to be between He and I because I was a lesbian… it was built by me not by Him. As I began to allow His truth, (not man’s opinions and ideas), His love and His presence into my life more and more.. the more I tried to stop the lies of not being good enough, of being disqualified… the more I realized that the wall had begun to crumble and little by little I was knowing the intimacy that I once knew with Him. That void was becoming smaller and smaller.

I still struggle with this from time to time. I think straight Christians struggle with this as well, but not because of their sexuality.

I pray that as you draw near to God that you would tangibly know and see Him drawing near to you. That the walls would come down, that you would accept yourself and love yourself as He accepts and loves you. I pray for deeper truth of His love for you. He has a plan and a purpose for your life and it is good!

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We are just a group of Christian women who happen to be lesbians.

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  1. In having children and raising them in God’s ways, it is hard for me too be who called me to be at time. I keep myself do busy that I don’t have time for me. I’m doing what God has called me to do, I minister and work on freeing his children from bondage and stronghold from their past that keeps them from God’s destiny. Yet in the midst of all the people that are healed at times I feel trap because I myself can’t be free. I know word are just words but when you put action to them that is when God reacts. I know He destroyed Solohm Gomorrah because of the people “actions”, not for who they were. These people disrespected families and how love was truly meant to be. Love is sacred between two people. I also know that Jesus loved everyone and not once did he cast a stone, He just have His love.
    Lord send me the right person to respond.

  2. I’m bisexual and have a girlfriend and it still feels wrong whenever I’m at church. Like, it would be hard to introduce her to them for fear of judgement. But I know God loves me no matter what, and He loves her too. God’s accepting, so why should I be scared? I know how hard it is to be gay and Christian. If God wants to change me, He will. But for now, I am ok.

  3. I’m noy sure if I am lesbian or bisexual, or if I even want to label myself. I just want someone to tell me that this is normal? I mean, why me? I don’t want to have a pity party, but I am Christian and I just want to know that somone has read this. I don’t want to feel “weird”- I told ny friends I was struggling with this and they dont talk to me much anymore. I love the 1 Corinthians 13 verses about love, and I’ve read a lot of stuff on your site, I just would like to know that someone is praying for me. I also pray for whoever I am going to marry- for them to be the right one for me- so prayers for that, too. For God to guide me and be with me. Thank you for making this website!

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