Question: I believe in waiting until marriage for sex. However after accepting the fact that I am a lesbian it’s raised a question for me. I live in Australia where same sex marriage is not legislised nor recognised by our government and I’m just wondering what that would mean for my future partner and I down the road?

Answered by: LBP Board Memeber Joni

This is a question I have pondered many times myself.  I happen to live in a Country where same sex marriage is legal and recognized.  Yet, I still had the same question in regards to each of my relationships.  How could I walk in purity before the Lord and know the boundaries when being with my girlfriend as they don’t seem to be as black and white as they may be with opposite sex.

I think for each couple it is different.  We need to ask God what He is speaking to our lives, to our relationship and allow Him to guide us in that.  Like you, I believe in waiting until marriage, so what constitutes a marriage?  Is it a piece of paper from the government or is it a vow, a serious oath, a covenant between two people before God?  I think the Holy Spirit will come along side us when we invite Him into our relationships and will help us make those boundaries in our intimacy that are needed.  It is hard to define the line in which not to cross, I think it is something both women can agree on together and then abide by it.  It won’t always be easy.  Try to avoid those things that excite and stir desires and wants that can’t be righteously satisfied.  God will show you what those things are.

I wish there was a black and white answer on it.  When I read the Word I see that we are to desire purity, chase after righteousness, be holy, etc.  What does that look like in each of our lives?  I think it looks different in each person.  We can’t evaluate what might be wrong for one may be right for another, we are simply in different places in our lives and God is dealing with different areas.

Abba, I pray that You would draw us closer to You.  You know our desire to live pure and righteous lives before You.  Our desire to have You as the center of our relationships.  I pray that You will speak clearly to our hearts and show us Your boundaries in our intimacies.  Give us strength and wisdom to honour those boundaries and allow Your blessing to fall on our love because of the obedience.  Have Your way Lord, let Your will be done.  Holy Spirit, would You please come and speak clearly to our hearts.  Be glorified, in Jesus’ name.