Lesbian WeddingI’ve been asked many times – “How can you believe in the Word of God as the undeniable, perfected law by which to live, and call yourself a Gay Christian and marry a woman?”

I guess they are basically asking me how to rationalize homosexuality and explain the passages in the Bible that speak about same-sex acts. Because if I can prove that homosexuality is not a sin, then gay marriage doesn’t look so wrong either.

The Holy Word of God, known as the Bible, is our history, our heritage, God’s love letter, and our written guideline for living. With this powerful resource we must be responsible and become life-long students of Scripture. And we must realize that in our human capacity we are unable to have the revelation of the Scripture unless the Holy Spirit reveals it to us.

That being said, I believe that the Lord in His sovereign wisdom has a plan for us. He has allowed that plan to move with the ebb and flow of humanity. As needed, incest was appropriate in Scripture until God commanded otherwise. For a while, polygamy was condoned. The Lord needed the earth to be populated. So, man and woman were charged with, “Be fruitful and multiply.”

However, in 2012, in a world completely over-populated, I wonder what the “norm” or charge from the Lord would be now? I don’t think He would limit the plan for only heterosexual couples to commit to one another and raise kids or love each other. He doesn’t see male or female like our minds view sex.

“What about the passages that mention homosexual acts as an abomination?”

Well that’s a whole different article and you can read that here…. In short, I do believe that God’s plan for mankind has evolved over the centuries; however one underlined commandment has remained absolute – “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind.” (Luke 10:27)

So as a Christian lesbian, I see Scripture as a whole and view the heart of God within the powerful commandments and promises revealed there. I’m still learning and pray that the Lord is constantly revealing His truth to me daily by His Holy Spirit. And if we could just get past all of the RULES and understand that Christ came so that the law would be fulfilled, we would peel back the layers of dogma to find relationship. While many rules are needed and still apply, there’s a deeper level of a faith walk experienced by a mature Christian where rules might have been what guided you initially but love and relationship is what drives the faith walk further on and sustains it during the storms.

I call myself a lesbian because I am same-sex attracted. I married my best friend because we wanted to commit our lives to each other and have a family. I call myself a Christian because I’m in love with Christ. And as Christians, we must yield to His Will, and realizing that we don’t understand law and divine supremacy at His level. What we might think is a RULE today, might just be a tool in His hand to guide us to a better tomorrow without any rules and into a realm of unconditional love with no labels. Who knows?? Who am I to say? Who are you to say? All we can do is love. Just love.