The Love is Spreading!

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Becky and I were married in Rockford, Illinois on June 19, 2010, and this month – November 2013 it would be recognized as a legal union! HOW INCREDIBLE! It’s so exciting to see Illinois opening their hearts and minds to embrace the LGBT community as equals. As the Love spreads ...

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Exodus International Shuts Down

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Many of you know my testimony and how it includes years of being involved with Exodus International. I honestly never thought I would see the day that Exodus would be no more… and yet – Connecticut After nearly 40 years of trying to “Heal Homosexuals” from their “Brokenness” – Exodus ...

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The Lords sense of humor!

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Stepheney Baxster I accepted the Lord into my heart at age 12. I grew up, married my HS sweetheart, had 2 children & raised them in a fundamental church. I was pretty much a homophobe and believed that you could never be gay and a Christian. Fast forward 44 years. ...

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